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Deconstructing Story – True Detective 4

Well. That was fucking awesome. You know what I’m talking about. Just a little recap: Hart’s world collapses and all his issues come home to roost. Meanwhile, Cohle has been unofficially undercover again, trying to suss out a lead on Reggie Ledoux. In the midst of Hart’s meltdown, Cohle refuses to be his shoulder to […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 3

At the end of the last episode, Hart and Cohle found that creepoid painting on the burned out church wall. At the beginning of this episode, they have found the “Friends of Christ” having a meeting under a revival tent. Shae Wigham plays the minister who preaches from the front while Cohle insults the intelligence […]

Do we have any white power?

Wife: Do we have any white power? Me: I dunno. Interesting question. I suppose many social constructs like race have power. But does the construct hold the power or the people who enforce the construct? I suppose if you– Wife: Because I’m not seeing any. *Looks at wife rifling though spice cabinet. Me: Oh white […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 2

So we definitely have a story on our hands. I took fewer notes for this episode because I was caught up in the tale. Perhaps the sight of boobs rendered my feeble neurons catatonic, leaving me unable to dissect the story within an inch of its life. Well played director. I see what you did […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 1

Well, it has been long enough now that I think we can all chat about episode 1. I took notes as I watched. Here is what caught my eye. 1. The double narrative. So you saw how the story is being narrated from the “present,” but we the viewer are seeing a classic third person […]

Creation vs Science: This is a dumb and useless conversation

Today Bill Nye and the guy who runs the Creationism Museum in Kentucky are going to have a debate. Apparently we are still flogging this same old dead horse. Guess what? We don’t need to. If you don’t want to believe in God, that’s totally fine. If you are super into science, that’s great too. […]