Monthly Archive:: May 2014

I’m Boycotting CNN frontpage center is a slideshow article about how Game of Thrones characters relate to political figures today. I didn’t think they could sink any lower. And is it good? As far as even trashy “journalism” goes, this is totally subpar. Arya is Mylie Cyrus? Come on, Dawg. Honestly when I think about the real […]

My Interview with Tony Danza

Hello! I’m your host, Tony Danza, and welcome to another installment of my 1,634 part series, “Interviews with People I Met on a Game of Thrones Reddit Feed.” TD: Today We’ll be sitting down with John Oakes and discussing his forthcoming work, The Right Kind of Stupid. John, thank you for being with us today. JO: […]

Book Cover Release – The Right Kind of Stupid

So here it is! I made no specific requests on the artist, save one thing I wanted him not to focus on from the story synopsis. He read the three page summary and this is what popped into his head. He usually does Horror/Thriller book covers, but when I put the call out on twitter, […]