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In researching my historical thriller (in process), I’ve found a ton of great info, but some of it is bat shit crazy. If anyone ever accuses my story of being a little over the top, I just get to point to stuff like this and say, OOHHH REEEAALLY? I’M THE ONE WHO IS OVER THE […]

CORUS Cover Vote!

Welcome to my first ever cover vote! I love the idea of letting friends/readers help decide the direction for the cover. Here we have three very different sorts of covers. Please choose your favorite and tell me which one you like best IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST on my Facebook page “John Oakes Writes”. […]

Presenting: CORUS and the Case of the Chaos

Well, my first novel, The Right Kind of Stupid is currently being read by maybe hundreds of people. I’m done with promo on that for a few weeks, just waiting for more positive reviews before I can move that into its next phase. So why don’t I tell you a little bit about the next […]

What I learned from my 2-day free promo

My two-day free promo for TRKOS was a smashing success. I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping for 200 downloads and would have been happy with 100. But I ended up getting nearly 1400. I took the #1 spot in Humor and Satire > General Humor, the #2 in Humor and Satire > […]

Johann Tetzel and the Demon Pumpkin

This is a painting of Johann Tetzel, an officer of the early 16th century church and controversial Catholic figure of the Protestant Reformation. His activities had a lot to do with the protests of Martin Luther. My third story I’m currently writing takes place two years after his death. And his impact to it, though […]