Okay, John, settle down. It’s just a show about Vikings.

Wait, it’s a show about Vikings? Actually that sounds amazing.

Vikings! Yes! Fistpump!

For being such celebrated/feared historical figures, Vikings sure haven’t found many ways to hack and slash their way into our TV and movie watching. That is why this show is so fun. I looooooooove historical fiction, and getting to see it on the screen is special. It’s also nice to see the History Channel figure out that, now brace yourselves, that they can make popular TV shows that ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO WITH HISTORY. We’re never going to get back the days when you could just flip on the History Channel and reliably find an interesting documentary, so getting some well done non-reality, non-alien-based programing is a win in my book.

If you haven’t seen it, Vikings is the tale of Ragnar Lothbrok, his being the first “viking” to land on the shores of what is now the UK, and how this shapes his rise to power back in Scandinavia. Lothbrok is a semi-historical legend, in the vein of King Arthur. It is possible he really existed, but it is likely, like Arthur, his legend is an amalgamation of real men and their deeds. The acting is superb, the conflict is varied, and the setting/scenery is beautiful. Not to mention, this has to be one of the all-around most beautiful casts on TV today. Goes to show that dirty faces, drab wool knits, and leather armor can be just as striking (on men and women) as anything in the magazines. Middle-ages couture, baby. And if you like your female characters strong, it doesn’t get stronger than a shield maiden. You’re my girl, Lagertha!lagertha

Overall, I think season two might have made a couple missteps with the story that didn’t make it as awesome as the first, but still great, and gives all the reason I need to think that season three could be the best yet!

My favorite character: Floki. Seirously weird cat, and I can dig it. Played by Gustaf Skarsgard, the son of Stellan Skarsgard and brother of Peter and Alexander. That family is talented. Who’s thinking now that True Blood is over, Alexander (Eric Northman) should show up in this show at some point? I’ll have one pint of heck yes, please.

My favorite moment: to avoid spoilers, I’ll just say it had to do with heads.

The character I’m most interested in this season: Athelstan, the monk taken from Lindisfarne back on Ragnar’s first trip to England. I find his situation highly intriguing, both as he is the liaison between these two cultures, and how this causes his internal spiritual struggle. Complex shite, man.

My favorite intro sequence/song: THIS ONE!

My Viking name: Thorn Threetrees

My sword’s name: Bloodstabber

Okay, all the bellicose stuff aside, the Vikings were a lot more than just marauders. That’s to say, these fascinating people deserve a show that highlights more than just the antics of a few sea raiders, and Vikings delivers on this. Here’s to hoping for great things this season!

Let me know your favorite moments from the show, and of course what your Viking/Shield Maiden name would be.