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Semicolons Rising

“Hey Joe, you finishing up with that keyboard design?” “Hello, sir, yeah. I put all the letters in fucked up positions like you asked.” “Joe, I see you have a blank space here under the colon.” “Garsh, yeah sir. I ran out of punctuation.” “Ran out?” “Yeah.” Shrugs. “I used it all up. I was […]

Why I Wrote in the “Wrong” Genre

*The featured image isn’t the final cover So far in my writing endeavors, I’ve really connected with my inner comedian. Ok, we all know it’s a very outward comedian. But throwing out one liners on twitter and in Facebook messenger with my buddies is obviously not as much of an outlet as a whole book. […]

Johann Tetzel and the Demon Pumpkin

This is a painting of Johann Tetzel, an officer of the early 16th century church and controversial Catholic figure of the Protestant Reformation. His activities had a lot to do with the protests of Martin Luther. My third story I’m currently writing takes place two years after his death. And his impact to it, though […]

So What’s Your Book About?

This is usually the first question people ask if they find out you write fiction. I actually don’t tell many people that I write fiction. (, he said on the internet.) I feel like the more you talk about it, the less likely you are to do it or do it well. This is hard, […]

Deconstructing Story — True Detective 5-7

Because I have been a little behind, I am going to sum up what happened in 5-7 and then talk about some of the issues that came to mind as the story moved into its third act. So we have found out that the detectives, Papania and Gilbaugh, suspect Cohle might have orchestrated his and […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 4

Well. That was fucking awesome. You know what I’m talking about. Just a little recap: Hart’s world collapses and all his issues come home to roost. Meanwhile, Cohle has been unofficially undercover again, trying to suss out a lead on Reggie Ledoux. In the midst of Hart’s meltdown, Cohle refuses to be his shoulder to […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 3

At the end of the last episode, Hart and Cohle found that creepoid painting on the burned out church wall. At the beginning of this episode, they have found the “Friends of Christ” having a meeting under a revival tent. Shae Wigham plays the minister who preaches from the front while Cohle insults the intelligence […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 2

So we definitely have a story on our hands. I took fewer notes for this episode because I was caught up in the tale. Perhaps the sight of boobs rendered my feeble neurons catatonic, leaving me unable to dissect the story within an inch of its life. Well played director. I see what you did […]

Deconstructing Story – True Detective 1

Well, it has been long enough now that I think we can all chat about episode 1. I took notes as I watched. Here is what caught my eye. 1. The double narrative. So you saw how the story is being narrated from the “present,” but we the viewer are seeing a classic third person […]

Deconstructing Story: Introduction to True Detective

**Contains No Spoilers** I have always been intensely interested with the craft of story as it relates to any form, but especially books, TV and movies. As many of us agree, TV, specifically cable TV has taken the lead in innovating the way stories are told. HBO has recently unveiled its newest contribution to the […]